Friday, July 23, 2010

Manning to the Tea Party

[Quick and dirty version]

JAMES MANNING: We're not going to stop Obama by holding tea parties. We're not going to stop this – you're not going to stop Lenin's prophecy of communism encircling the Americas and this global, everybody on the planet, every nation, they're all calling Obama. Turn America into a socialist nation, they're crying. You're not going to stop Obama with a tea party. It's ridiculous to think so. It is ridiculous.

Now, here, I don't mean to say that tea party people are ridiculous. That's not what I'm saying. I love you, I do, and I praise god for your patriotism. I'm just saying to you that if y'all got on the birth certificate issue and began to talk – forget about the policies, forget about health care, talk about the birth certificate. You talk about the birth certificate, you get him out of office, his policies go automatically. Don't you understand what I'm trying to say?

Understand what I'm trying to say? You're not going to stop the call to turn this nation into a communist – first stop, with socialist, first stop, communist, second stop. You're not going to stop this with tea bag parties against Obama's policy. Even though the media's covering, you're have a nice time, you're singing a lot of songs, you're traveling along America, going to a lot of cities, you're talking to a lot of people who are – the people that are asleep are not the Obama supporters. The people that are asleep are the ones who are opposing. You are asleep to the power of the call of socialism first stop, communism second stop, and the power that it has that all these nations are pulling, and Obama is saying give me a few more days, I'm going to turn America into a socialist nation. Just give me a few more days.

The bankers have said, the world bankers have said, okay, we don't care, we still keep our capitalist ideas just like they do right now in communist Russia. You got the poor people, then you got the bureaucrats, and you got the bankers. Well, that's how we're going to be in America. I'm appealing to you. Forget about this tea bag business. Forget about it and get on the birth certificate, and don't shut up. There needs to be a birth certificate bus rolling across America. Get on the birth certificate, my brothers and my sisters. I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, the tea bag worked for Samuel Adams, but it ain't gonna work now, not with communism calling our nation to join the world union. That's what they're doing. I'm telling you. I don't care what Rush Limbaugh's talking about, or that Glenn Beck, that Nazi idiot. I don't care what he's talking about. If he's not talking about the birth certificate, it don't mean nothing. It don't mean nothing at all, and he knows that. But he's been paid. He's got his money, and he thinks he's secure. He knows what's coming. So does O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh, too. They all know what's coming. They got their money.

I'm telling you, my friends – and get out there and tell people. I mean, listen, I'm not against the tea bag people. I was down in Washington, you know I was. But it was about – and even though at one point there was 5 million people there, there was the best missed opportunity to talk to people. It was an opportunity to get America fired up, and all they did was dance around and be politically correct. It was troubling to see him talk [inaudible] and said nothing. My friends, listen to me. We're the ones that are asleep. Obama's crowds are wide awake. They want him. They don't care nothing about the constitution. They don't care nothing about the fact that he's an illegal alien. They don't care. You could show them the constitution, wave it in their face nine times on Sunday. They don't care about that. They don't care about the democracy of this nation. They don't care about the republic. They don't care. Don't you understand? White and black. They don't care.

And you act like you don't care. I'm telling you, running around these tea parties ain't gonna do nothing. All these elections, all these people, all this stuff's going on, and if Obama fails, they'll put a bullet it in his head and get somebody else up there. They'll have John McCain doing it. They don't care, and John McCain will set out and do it. So will Sarah Palin.

You gotta clean house, gotta take Obama to trial, put him in jail for the rest of his life, or hang him. Shoot him on the Washington – first try him, find him guilty, and the punishment for treason is a death sentence. Then clean the rest of them. Go get Hilary, go get John McCain, go get George Bush, go get Dick Cheney, too. Get 'em all. Then we can start over again. Reconstruct this great nation.

So I'm saying to you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, listen. Well, the tea baggers – and okay, all right, I love you, I still do, god knows I do. I love your patriotism and I know you love America. I know you – I am not denying your fidelity and love and integrity for this nation. I know you love America. I'm just saying that what you are doing don't make no sense when you consider who your enemy is and what you're fighting.

He's glad to see you – Obama is delighted – in fact he may have given money for the tea bag bus. He knows we're facing a global situation that's a whole lot bigger than y'all singing songs in 20 cities across America. Now, god knows I love you now, and I'm not trying to apologize for what I'm saying and what is true. I'm not trying to apologize here, mind you.

This thing is bigger than the opposition. I look at the opposition, the people that are saying they are opposing Obama, you know, and then half of them, if not 90 percent of them, aren't ready to die, which is the other thing. You've got to – listen, you have got to be ready to die. Don't even step into – don't even think about – don't even think about opposing Obama if you've not already made your peace with the lord and you're ready to die, because this is not about voting and this election and that election, a blue state and a red state and a this and a that and the other, the conservatives are up, the Republicans are down, the Democrats and the Michael Steele and all that Tim Kaine business. This isn't about that. This isn't about that at all.

You get ready to firmly oppose Obama, be ready to die, and tell all your friends; kiss everybody and tell them, today may be the last day, but if it's my last day, then praise almighty god, I'm glad to have served it in the cause of our lord and our savior and the purpose of this great nation. But don't come out here unless you're ready to die.

You know, it's like going to war, and you're thinking that somehow or another, well, this is not – I can't get killed. I'm going to war, but I can't get killed. No. Bullet can find you. Now that's not to say you're gonna die if you join this movement of the constitution, fighting for our – doesn't say that you're going to – that's not what I'm saying. But you gotta be ready. People gotta hear it. They gotta know it.

I'm not jiving. I'm not playing with y'all. I'm not. This isn't about – I'm ready. I'm ready. That's what you gotta say. So, you know, let's get out there and begin to tell people here, tell people, listen, I mean, okay, we thank god for the tea party people, you know, but unless you're dealing the constitution, my brothers and my sisters, it don't mean nothing. It don't mean nothing. It don't mean nothing.

These issues of policy wonks and policy this and voting on that, it don't mean nothing if you're not willing, the only thing that you're going to deal with Obama is, I don't care whether health care passes or not, they may kick it to the curb because somebody wants to get some money out of it. You know, they may kick it to the curb and say, hey, listen, y'all haven't given us enough money, so unless you give us enough money, we're not voting for it. They get that in the Senate.

But something's going to pass. But even if it doesn't, the only way you can deal with Obama is that ineligibility. It's the birth certificate, stupid. Now, I'm not calling you stupid, you know. But it's the birth certificate.

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