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Orly at Midweek Politics, March 4 (?), 2010

[Notes: A couple of inaudibles were unavoidable, as Orly's connection was iffy at times. I may go back for a second listen later, but will leave them as is for now. I also dropped a couple of false starts but left in any that could remotely be considered meaningful.]

From YouTube:

MR. PAKMAN: Orly Taitz is the lawyer, dentist, and real estate agent at the head of the birther movement that questions whether President Obama is a U.S. citizen and wants to see his birth certificate.

Orly, thanks for joining me today.

MS. TAITZ: Thank you. By the way, let me correct you. It's not the issue whether he is a U.S. citizen. At issue is whether he's a natural born citizen, which is a requirement to be the president.

MR. PAKMAN: You're right.

MS. TAITZ: And it's much more than just the birth certificate, because regardless of where Obama was born, in Kenya or Hawaii or even if he was to be born in the White House, at issue is the fact that he was never legitimate as a president because he had multiple citizenships, because he had and still has allegiance to different nations from birth until today, and that's Great Britain, Kenya, and Indonesia. That was important to correct that.

MR. PAKMAN: Right, I stand corrected. Let's start from the beginning. I want to go – first, let's go through your background and how you came to be really a very visible spokesperson at this point for this movement. One question I've been getting from the audience that they really want to know is how long did it take? I mean, lawyer, dentist, and real estate – how long were you in school.

MS. TAITZ: Well, I've been a dentist for over 20 years, and I'm one of these people who likes to study. So as I ran my dental practice, and I have a family – I'm married and have three sons – I studied at night, and I was able to finish law school. I passed California Bar.

Now in terms of real estate, it's not something that I do for a living. I just – when my husband and I were selling our old house, my husband said, listen, you study all the time anyways; might as well just take this real estate broker's exam and we can save on the commission. That's what I did. I just sat for the real estate broker's license exam and passed it. And so I was the listing broker for our own house, and that's how it came about.

MR. PAKMAN: So as far as law school, this has also been a point of some contention, I believe you went to William Howard Taft University. Now, that is not accredited by the American Bar Association, right?

MS. TAITZ: Let me explain. I passed the California Bar. I'm licensed. I'm a licensed attorney in the state of California. I'm admitted to present clients in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. I did study at night. I did go to what's called night school. I did study on my own, and if anything, it just shows that I have more brains than average Joe, because it's not that easy to study independently at night, pass the exams, go to the California Bar, which is considered to be the most difficult bar in the nation, and pass it. I've seen people who went to Harvard and Yale and failed, and I passed.

MR. PAKMAN: Sure, but so we are correct in saying it is not accredited by the American Bar, just to be clear?

MS. TAITZ: Well, it is – you know what? I don't know what exact accreditation – they have accreditation for base schools, and then there are schools [inaudible] education, expand[?] studies, which I did, and that's the only difference, that I didn't go through regular school, you know, based during the day and take class.

MR. PAKMAN: Okay, fair enough.

MS. TAITZ: But I did pass the California Bar, and anybody can go and check. I passed. I'm licensed in the state of California. I've been licensed since 2002, and I'm also licensed with American Bar Association. You are welcome to go and check our license with them, as well. I'm a member of American Bar Association.


MS. TAITZ: So, you know, people were trying to discredit me.

MR. PAKMAN: No, I'm just trying to get the facts out, that's all. We get a lot of questions.

So let's move on to the topic at hand. So I heard you recently spoke at a tea bagger conference. Is that right?

MS. TAITZ: Well, that's really disrespectful. When it comes to the conference, if you are referring to the tea party, yes, I have given speeches at a number of tea party conventions, and by the way, tea party patriots are very active. These people are concerned about this country, and they actually were credited with major shift in politics as of late. You've seen how typically blue states like Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts switched from Democratic Party to Republican Party, and I'm sure you've seen the reports that it's largely because of the support from the tea party movement, and I'm sure you've heard that I'm considering running for the position of Secretary of State of California, specifically because of the massive fraud that we've seen in elections.

MR. PAKMAN: I've heard rumors, yeah, but it was hard to believe.

MS. TAITZ: As a matter of fact, just before I started this interview, I was in the bank, because I needed to open a separate account for the campaign and so that I can deposit money in the account to pay the fee in order to put my name on the ballot. There are a lot of people that are urging me to run, because -

MR. PAKMAN: No, I understand. I was just setting – that my real question to you is politically you also don't agree with Barack Obama, right? So it's not so much – there is the birther question, but you also politically consider yourself more in line with the tea party.

MS. TAITZ: Well, you know, by the way, that's another misconception, because a lot of people believe that tea party movement is just one political party, and as you've seen, actually, people that participate in tea party movements, tea party conventions, belong to different political parties.

MR. PAKMAN: But I'm asking – no, I understand, Orly, but I'm asking you. Politically you would consider yourself conservative, liberal, or how?

MS. TAITZ: Well, I am conservative. I am more [inaudible] 99.9 percent of population of this nation are more conservative than Barack Obama. He wants to [inaudible] to communism.

MR. PAKMAN: No, it's not –

MS. TAITZ: And a lot of people – you know, when he came with the slogan hope and change, they know that there isn't much hope for any change, at least not for any change for the better, but now people are seeing that basically his political philosophy is the philosophy of big government, government takeover of most of the industries. We've seen takeover in banking, in automotive, and now he's trying the takeover of the health care, and you've seen the polls. A large – I mean, majority of population of this country do not believe that that's the way to go.

MR. PAKMAN: So if I understand correctly, if I understand correctly, and I really want to get into the meat of the birth certificate and everything. If I understand correctly, you disagree with the majority of Barack Obama's policies as president, but you also say he was born in Kenya and because of that he shouldn't be president anyway, right? So it's two-sided.

MS. TAITZ: Well, let me explain something. For example, I am more conservative than Hilary Clinton.

MR. PAKMAN: Right.

MS. Taitz: However, I would have never filed any lawsuits challenging Hilary Clinton, simply even though I disagree with her on a number of issues, simply because she is legitimate for U.S. presidency.

MR. PAKMAN: Right.

MS. TAITZ: And I never filed against anybody else, because as far as I know all the other candidates have been legitimate.

[Commercial break.]

MS. TAITZ: Barack Obama, again, it is irrelevant whether he was born in Kenya or not, and that's what people don't understand. There is no need to prove that he was born in Kenya or anywhere else. The most important issue is the fact at his birth he had foreign citizenship. You know, it was said at the inauguration that his father was an immigrant, but the point is his father was never an immigrant in this country. His father was here on a student visa and was never a U.S. citizen, not even a resident, and therefore, at the time Barack Obama was born, he had British citizenship under British Nationality Act of 1948 –

MR. PAKMAN: And does he have a British birth certificate.

MS. TAITZ: I don't know. It is irrelevant.

MR. PAKMAN: Ah, okay.

MS. TAITZ: The whole point is because his father was a British citizen, he was not qualified, and let me bring one more example, just to show that I am consistent. It is an important issue. For example, Bobby Jindal is considered to be one of the leading Republican candidates in the next presidential election.

MR. PAKMAN: Well, maybe.

MS. TAITZ: And I was very outspoken, time and again, stating that he cannot be a presidential candidate for the same reason that Obama cannot be the president, specifically because when Bobby Jindal was born, his father, just like Obama's father, was here on a student visa, not from Kenya, but from India. Regardless, and therefore, at birth Bobby Jindal had citizenship and allegiance to India. Whether he actually obtained any documents from India or not, it's irrelevant.

MR. PAKMAN: It is irrelevant, you're right.

MS. TAITZ: And I'm saying, you know, it's not a matter of politics. It is a constitutional issue.

MR. PAKMAN: Well, I'm glad that this is not a political thing, because that's when we get mixed up.

I have five questions, and I know it's tough, but if we can get yes-or-nos from you, it would be great.

MS. TAITZ: Okay.

MR. PAKMAN: Do you believe Barack Obama was raised in radical Islam.

MS. TAITZ: Well, I believe that – well, regardless of what I believe –

MR. PAKMAN: Well, I'm curious. But that's my question. What do you believe?

MS. TAITZ: Let me – I'm not going to talk about my beliefs. I'm just going to talk about the facts that we all know. When he – his biological father is a Muslim, and judging by some of his writings, he really continued on the path of radical Islam. Barack Obama himself went to school in Indonesia and his school certificate shows him as Muslim, and where it states religion, it states Islam. We know that in 1981 he traveled to Pakistan, which was under the rule of General Zia Ul-Haq. The country was under the strict radical Muslim rule. So those are the facts.

MR. PAKMAN: Again, there's just five of these. Let me just see if we can run through a couple more, and again, the closer we can get to just yes or no is going to be ideal.

MS. TAITZ: Okay. Yes, okay.

MR. PAKMAN: Do you believe Barack Obama's first act as president was to donate money to Hamas?

MS. TAITZ: It was one of the executive orders.


MS. TAITZ: Where he donated $900 million to Hamas while at the same time he cut $500 million from U.S. Army veterans.

MR. PAKMAN: Okay, $900 million to Hamas.

Do you think that Barack Obama has dozens of Social Security numbers?

MS. TAITZ: Again, it's not what I think. What I think is absolutely irrelevant.

MR. PAKMAN: It's not. Orly, hold on a second. I'm interested – I'm personally very – I happen to think he doesn't have dozens. I want to know what you think. It's relevant to me, and it's relevant to our audience.

MS. TAITZ: Okay, sure. Sure, and again, as an attorney I can only talk about the facts and evidence that I possess.

MR. PAKMAN: Well, try this as a dentist then maybe. I don't know.

MS. TAITZ: Okay, so the facts, the evidence that I possess, that I have obtained, those were affidavits from licensed investigators, and according to affidavit by the licensed investigator Neil Sankey, as well as affidavits from other investigators, for example Susan Daniels, Barack Obama, according to national databases, such as Tracepoint[?], LexisNexis, Locator, used multiple Social Security numbers.

MR. PAKMAN: Got it.

MS. TAITZ: None of which were issued in the state of Hawaii.


MS. TAITZ: Moreover, the number that he is using currently – and you can actually verify this – xxx-xx-xxxx, is the number that was issued in Connecticut -- that's the number that he used most of his life – originally was issued to an individual born in 1890, and we know, of course, Obama was not born in 1890.

MR. PAKMAN: No, certainly not.

MS. TAITZ: He never resided in Connecticut.

MR. PAKMAN: Got it. Okay, so you're – Orly, I'm trying to get through – there's just so much to cover. Your answer to that one is yes, I think, if I hear correctly.

MS. TAITZ: Well, this is the evidence that I have.

MR. PAKMAN: I follow.

MS. TAITZ: And [inaudible] use and make a decision whether there should be an action in regards to that.

MR. PAKMAN: Do you believe that Barack Obama has made threats on your life?

MS. TAITZ: No, he did not. He personally did not make any threats on my life.

MR. PAKMAN: Or his associates.

MS. TAITZ: All I know, that a number of individuals made threats on my life. I have those recorded. I have recorded both in audio recordings, emails, comments on my website. So it's all well-documented. I have affidavits. I have all the information. There was tampering with my car. I'm not stating that it was done by Barack Obama himself. As a matter of fact, I'm sure it was not done by him personally.

MR. PAKMAN: No, I'm sure it wasn't him personally.

MS. TAITZ: There were a number of individuals that did it, and I want the law enforcement all over the nation, I demanded investigation. I have a husband, I have three children, and as of yet no investigation was done, and that's why I want the United Nations to their Civil Rights –

MR. PAKMAN: I've got it. So the answer is not Barack Obama personally, but you believe it may have been his associates acting for him. I follow.

MS. TAITZ: I am saying some individuals have made multiple death threats, there was tampering with my car, there was tampering with my PayPal account, there was vandalism of my website, vandalism of my car -

MR. PAKMAN: Got it.

MS. TAITZ: - and this just needs to be investigated. You know –

MR. PAKMAN: Orly, we're just out of time. I was hoping to get yes-or-nos, but we got two- or three-minute answers.

The last thing, you know, I think it's interesting what you're doing. I think you're wrong, but I would suggest to you a little bit of the time looking for Barack Obama's birth certificate, let's uncover Sarah Palin's high school diploma or Glenn Beck's rehab discharge form. I think that would be a good use of time, I'll be honest.

MS. TAITZ: Well, you know what, let's do one thing at a time, but the thing is, regardless – and you know what, I'm not in – trust me, I have gotten requests of investigation of a lot of things, and again, it is not political. You know, I'm not a fan of Glenn Beck. If you've seen, I've written a number of articles where I disagreed with Glenn Beck vehemently on a number of issues. As a matter of fact, it was written, well, here Orly Taitz is attacking Barack Obama and John McCain and Glenn Beck.

MR. PAKMAN: Well, Orly, I'll tell you, you have said it all. Unfortunately we've gone way over. I thank you for calling in today, and we are just completely out of time.

Orly Taitz, it's incredible, I really hope that we're able to find that birth certificate, Lewis[?], because I as much anyone else wants to know w
here it is.

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Orly's Interview at Russia Today, March 8, 2010

From YouTube

MR. MOON: We are sitting here today with Dr. Orly Taitz, who is an Orange County area dentist and attorney, but what she is really known for is her questioning, her challenging, of President Barack Obama and his legitimacy as a U.S. citizen and also as a president.

Thank you for joining us, Dr. Taitz.

Dr. Taitz, your contention, President Obama is not a natural born citizen and therefore should be disqualified from being a president, is still going strong in your opinion, and you have new information on why you believe this. What's this new information?

MS. TAITZ: He never provided his original birth certificate. What he provided was a photoshopped computer image of something that was issued only in 2007. It's an abbreviated version, something that are usually actually given to people that don't have for some reason their original birth certificate, if it's lost, stolen, something, and it provides nothing. When you look at this document, you would not find a name of the hospital. You would not find the name of the attending physician. You would not find any signatures. And that might be okay, you know, for the state of Hawaii to give him something so he can go and get a driver's license, but it's not enough for one to become a President of the United States and the Commander in Chief, and in light of the fact that Hawaii has a couple of statutes, one of them 338-17. This is a statute that allows the foreign-born children of Hawaiian residents to get Hawaiian birth certificates.

There's another statute, 338-5, that allows one to get a birth certificate based on a statement of one relative only without any corroborating evidence from the hospital. What he provided is not sufficient, particularly in light of the fact that he claims that he was born in Kapiolani Hospital. There is a birth certificate on file. Why not show it? What is there to hide?

So clearly it's an indication, the fact that he's refusing to unseal his original birth certificate that is currently sealed. Without his consent we can't unseal it. It is currently sealed in the state of Hawaii – tells you that there is some type of fraud going on, that he is hiding something.

What's interesting that the Director of the Health Department in Hawaii, Chiyome Fukino, through her spokesperson, Janice Okubo, has given a statement, and in this statement she never stated that what Obama provided is a true and correct copy of what she has on file.

But let me mention one more thing. A lot of people believe that natural born means only to be born in this country, and I have done extensive research on this issue. As a matter of fact, I have asked my supporters to send me Black Law Dictionary, because many are using Black Law Dictionary, and I found out that Black Law Dictionary didn't exist, didn't start until 100 years after Constitution was written. What they did use extensively, the framers of Constitution, was a legal treatise and legal dictionary called The Law of Nations, by Emer de Vattel, that existed at a time and that is quoted in the Constitution, and Article 1, Section 8 actually quote The Law of Nations, and according to Law of Nations, natural born citizen is one who is born in the country to parents – in plural – who don't owe allegiance to other sovereignties.

Now Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen. He was here on a student visa from Kenya, which was a British colony. So at the time of Obama's birth, according to British Nationality Act of 1948, he was a British citizen. On December the 12th, 1963, when Kenya became an independent nation, he became Kenyan citizen, and when his mother married an Indonesian citizen and the family [inaudible], he became an Indonesian citizen. So during his life, Obama owed – Obama himself owed allegiance to three other nations, aside from the fact that of course his father owed allegiance to other nations.

And therefore, based on this definition of natural born citizen, even if he were to be born in Hawaii, he would never be eligible for presidency.

MR. MOON: There have been major news agencies, such as ABC News, NBC News, and also FOX News, which has been very critical of the President, that all say that the birther movement and questioning his natural born status really is ridiculous. Do you have a reaction to that?

MS. TAITZ: You know, today, as you know, the United States has a corporate-owned media. We have only, what, five large media networks and – on TV, TV networks, one major radio network, like Clear Channel. They are owned, the controlling number of shares of those networks are owned by the same few families of American oligarchs or American billionaires that put Obama in place and that stand to draw significant benefit from this presidency. So I don't – not only I don't believe, I know that when the producers and reporters want to provide truthful information, they are either fired or sanctioned or reassigned.

Let's talk about Lou Dobbs. Lou Dobbs was a number one news reporter on CNN, and he invited me and my client, Ambassador Alan Keyes, to his radio program. He was very supportive. He stated United States has this honor system whereby anybody can put his name on the ballot and state I am eligible, and not one single secretary of state checked the document. Lou Dobbs was very supportive, and I was invited to do his show, and the last moment, there was a switcheroo. Instead of Lou Dobbs, there was Kitty Pilgrim, who did not give me an opportunity to speak, who read a prepared statement, and invited a couple of attack dogs to go ahead and attack me without giving me an opportunity to speak.

What is happening in United States of America today? Those presidents of networks are acting like some mafia bosses roughing up lawyers that are bringing up legitimate lawsuits. Just instead of a crowbar, they are using insults and assaults and harassment.

MR. MOON: There are some people out there who really call into question your credibility. Especially we're talking about different judges across the country who have said that your lawsuits are frivolous, your claims are absolutely frivolous. So in at least some of the American public, your claim is really questionable in their opinion, because of how things have progressed for you and how things have progressed for the birther movement. Do you have a reaction to that?

MS. TAITZ: You know, just recently I read an article by the president of Judicial Watch, Mr. Klayman, and he has written that in year 2000 when he brought a case on behalf of Kathleen Willey against President Clinton and Clinton administration, Judge Royce Lamberth, who is actually a presiding judge on my case in Washington, D.C., decided in favor of Kathleen Willey against President Clinton, and the appellate court judges have attacked Judge Lamberth. Why? And Mr. Klayman is writing that today, particularly in federal courts, if you want promotion as a federal judge, you better not ruffle the feathers of a sitting president.

Who will be there to protect you and your constitutional rights and your constitutional liberties if attorneys like me who are there fighting for constitutional rights, and doing it pro bono, mind you, are being intimidated and harassed by corrupt judges?

MR. MOON: Is there anything that's going to satisfy you when it comes to the legitimacy of President Obama as being president and also as being a natural born American citizen?

MS. TAITZ: I'm calling for a trial in a court of law where evidence is examined, where we have discovery, where there are subpoenas. What's happening until now, in spite of 100 lawsuits filed, over 100, not one lawsuit was decided on the merits. The judges time and again were saying that nobody has standing, that no judge has jurisdiction, and what I'm saying, what we need today is for our system of justice to work, for there to be a hearing on the merits, and if we have a hearing on the merits, then we – you know, let Obama present his evidence, let the judge decide on the meaning of what natural born citizen is. Does it mean that split allegiance is allowed or dual citizenship is allowed for the president? We need to get judicial determination on this issue. We need to see real evidence.

And then we'll move on one way or another. What bothers me the most is that he believes that each and every American citizen is a complete idiot, that we cannot see that he is hiding something. When a person has nothing to hide, he would not behave in such a manner.

MR. MOON: Dr. Taitz, thank you so much.

MS. TAITZ: Thank you.

Orly's "Interview" at Florida Bike Rally

From YouTube

MS. TAITZ: Well, my name is Orly Taitz, and I'm here giving an interview in the intermission in between the appearances at the Freedom Week where 25,000 bikers are gathering, and we're having this Freedom Rally. You know, this is a relatively quiet area, and I can give this interview.

There are two issues that are extremely important to me, and the issues that I'm trying to bring forward to the public to consider and bring it in turn to their politicians. One is the issue of Barack Hussein Obama's illegitimacy for U.S. presidency, and second issue is the issue of depletion of American jobs and destruction of U.S. economy, and I'll probably start with the second one.

What I've noticed that politicians are talking about spending, which is great, and I do agree with the Republican party. We're doing it to curb this insane spending that we've seen during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama. We're doing it to cut taxes. However, that alone will not be enough. We have a serious issue where the last 17 years, I would say, American jobs were depleted and were sent abroad. We were told that we cannot have economic borders, that we live in the times of GET, of global economic treaties. Well, we can. Yes, we can. Nobody can tell us that we have to send jobs abroad. Nobody can tell us that we have to keep corrupt politicians in office, corrupt congressmen and senators. Yes, we can elect new politicians who will bring to the floor of House of Representatives and Senate this most important issue, telling them we live in the times of economic emergency.

We have to go back to sanity from this complete insanity and this complete idiocy of free trade, unbridled free trade, without any safeguards for American workers, for the differential in the standard of living between them and workers in China and India. This is the issue that we need to bring to congressmen and senators, and we need to tell them, you bring this to the floor of the House and Senate, you demand that we curb imports. Curb it only to essential ones, and we'll put tariffs that will account for the differential in standard of living, and if you don't, we will throw you out, and we will elect new people.

And then the second issue that we need to ask them to bring to the floor of the House of Representatives and floor of the Senate, another issue of the complete illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama to U.S. presidency, and there are a number of issues within this one.

One of them that not too many people are talking about, that's the issue of Barack Hussein Obama using multiple Social Security numbers. I'm currently working with a number of investigators. One of them is Mr. Neil Sankey. He is a licensed investigator who has over 20 years of experience in Scotland Yard where he worked in an elite unit dealing with communist proliferation and organized crime. He has compiled a list of 39 different Social Security numbers that Barack Hussein Obama used in different financial transactions.

A number of investigators have found that the number, the Social Security number that Barack Obama has used most commonly is xxx-xx-xxxx. Why I can disclose this number? Simply because it was obtained by fraud. The first three digits in any Social Security number signifies the state. 042 signifies the state of Connecticut. This number was issued between 1976 to 1977 in the state of Connecticut, when Obama was the resident of the state of Hawaii, and it was issued to an individual, elderly individual who at the time, who was elderly at the time and who was born in 1890. Clearly this is not Barack Hussein Obama. He is using someone else's Social Security number, and this is totally despicable that we can have somebody sitting in the White House in the position of the President and Commander in Chief using stolen Social Security number.

And it also underlines, highlights, the extent of corruption and lawlessness that we have in our Department of Justice in our U.S. Attorneys Office and in the judiciary, that nobody would touch this issue. Nobody will bring it to forefront. This is unacceptable. We have to demand that this issue be brought to light. It's a criminal violation. It's a felony. It's a Social Security fraud. It's identify theft. People sit in the big house, not in the White House, for criminal activity like that.

Additionally, it signifies a very simple fact. Who uses Social Security numbers of others? People who are here illegally, people who weren't born in this country, people who do not have valid birth certificates. They're the ones that have to resort to using Social Security numbers of the others, and that's yet another problem with Barack Obama in that he absolutely refused to show his original birth certificate, the one that is sealed in Hawaii. He provided only an abbreviated version that does not have the name of the hospital, does not have the name of the attending physician, does not have any signatures. This is a piece of garbage. One cannot sit in the position of President Commander in Chief based on such a piece of garbage.

He has to disclose his records. We have now a case in Washington, D.C. I have filed the case, and the presiding judge is Judge Royce C. Lamberth, chief judge for the District of Columbia, and I have filed an application for preliminary injunction. It was filed February 16, 2010, and Judge Lamberth is supposed to provide an answer by March 8. So it's really important to get this number and to get discovery.

And another issue that we need to bring to the forefront. Regardless of where Barack Hussein Obama was born, whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya or if he were to be born in the White House, in the Lincoln bedroom, he is still completely illegitimate to U.S. presidency. Why, you ask. Why? And the reason is very simple. Because he had and has split allegiance. He has allegiance to other nations. He has citizenship of other nations. His father was never U.S. citizen, and Barack Obama since birth had British citizenship. When he turned two years old and Kenya at the time became an independent country, he got Kenyan citizenship, and later on he got Indonesian citizenship.

In order to be the President of the United States, you have to be a natural born citizen. We traced legal dictionaries and treaties to the time Constitution was written, and the one that was widely used by the framers of the Constitution is the Law of Nations that states natural born citizen is one who is born in the country to parents – mind you, two of them – who are citizens of the country. Since Obama's father was never a U.S. citizen, he has a problem. He did not fulfill this requirement, and therefore he cannot be the President of the United States, and I call upon on all of you to join me in this fight for our constitutional rights.

Make no mistake about it. We live in the times of the second American revolution. We are now leading a new civil rights movement. That's the civil rights movement when we are demanding real transparency, not empty words, but real transparency. We are demanding respect from judges and U.S. Attorneys Office and the President, and this respect we're demanding in the form of real documents, not some piece of garbage, photoshopped piece of garbage posted on the internet. That is not acceptable to us.

We have rights. We want them upheld. I have been persecuted for bringing this issue, with constant death threats, tampering with my car, vandalism, hacking of my website, my PayPal account. There's a group of forgers that forged my signature, provided perjured affidavits, and aside from bringing this case in Washington, D.C., I have filed a complaint with United Nations Committee for Human Rights. Please join me and help me in upholding our constitutional rights in getting to the bottom of this.

Thank you.