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Orly's "Interview" at Florida Bike Rally

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MS. TAITZ: Well, my name is Orly Taitz, and I'm here giving an interview in the intermission in between the appearances at the Freedom Week where 25,000 bikers are gathering, and we're having this Freedom Rally. You know, this is a relatively quiet area, and I can give this interview.

There are two issues that are extremely important to me, and the issues that I'm trying to bring forward to the public to consider and bring it in turn to their politicians. One is the issue of Barack Hussein Obama's illegitimacy for U.S. presidency, and second issue is the issue of depletion of American jobs and destruction of U.S. economy, and I'll probably start with the second one.

What I've noticed that politicians are talking about spending, which is great, and I do agree with the Republican party. We're doing it to curb this insane spending that we've seen during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama. We're doing it to cut taxes. However, that alone will not be enough. We have a serious issue where the last 17 years, I would say, American jobs were depleted and were sent abroad. We were told that we cannot have economic borders, that we live in the times of GET, of global economic treaties. Well, we can. Yes, we can. Nobody can tell us that we have to send jobs abroad. Nobody can tell us that we have to keep corrupt politicians in office, corrupt congressmen and senators. Yes, we can elect new politicians who will bring to the floor of House of Representatives and Senate this most important issue, telling them we live in the times of economic emergency.

We have to go back to sanity from this complete insanity and this complete idiocy of free trade, unbridled free trade, without any safeguards for American workers, for the differential in the standard of living between them and workers in China and India. This is the issue that we need to bring to congressmen and senators, and we need to tell them, you bring this to the floor of the House and Senate, you demand that we curb imports. Curb it only to essential ones, and we'll put tariffs that will account for the differential in standard of living, and if you don't, we will throw you out, and we will elect new people.

And then the second issue that we need to ask them to bring to the floor of the House of Representatives and floor of the Senate, another issue of the complete illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama to U.S. presidency, and there are a number of issues within this one.

One of them that not too many people are talking about, that's the issue of Barack Hussein Obama using multiple Social Security numbers. I'm currently working with a number of investigators. One of them is Mr. Neil Sankey. He is a licensed investigator who has over 20 years of experience in Scotland Yard where he worked in an elite unit dealing with communist proliferation and organized crime. He has compiled a list of 39 different Social Security numbers that Barack Hussein Obama used in different financial transactions.

A number of investigators have found that the number, the Social Security number that Barack Obama has used most commonly is xxx-xx-xxxx. Why I can disclose this number? Simply because it was obtained by fraud. The first three digits in any Social Security number signifies the state. 042 signifies the state of Connecticut. This number was issued between 1976 to 1977 in the state of Connecticut, when Obama was the resident of the state of Hawaii, and it was issued to an individual, elderly individual who at the time, who was elderly at the time and who was born in 1890. Clearly this is not Barack Hussein Obama. He is using someone else's Social Security number, and this is totally despicable that we can have somebody sitting in the White House in the position of the President and Commander in Chief using stolen Social Security number.

And it also underlines, highlights, the extent of corruption and lawlessness that we have in our Department of Justice in our U.S. Attorneys Office and in the judiciary, that nobody would touch this issue. Nobody will bring it to forefront. This is unacceptable. We have to demand that this issue be brought to light. It's a criminal violation. It's a felony. It's a Social Security fraud. It's identify theft. People sit in the big house, not in the White House, for criminal activity like that.

Additionally, it signifies a very simple fact. Who uses Social Security numbers of others? People who are here illegally, people who weren't born in this country, people who do not have valid birth certificates. They're the ones that have to resort to using Social Security numbers of the others, and that's yet another problem with Barack Obama in that he absolutely refused to show his original birth certificate, the one that is sealed in Hawaii. He provided only an abbreviated version that does not have the name of the hospital, does not have the name of the attending physician, does not have any signatures. This is a piece of garbage. One cannot sit in the position of President Commander in Chief based on such a piece of garbage.

He has to disclose his records. We have now a case in Washington, D.C. I have filed the case, and the presiding judge is Judge Royce C. Lamberth, chief judge for the District of Columbia, and I have filed an application for preliminary injunction. It was filed February 16, 2010, and Judge Lamberth is supposed to provide an answer by March 8. So it's really important to get this number and to get discovery.

And another issue that we need to bring to the forefront. Regardless of where Barack Hussein Obama was born, whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya or if he were to be born in the White House, in the Lincoln bedroom, he is still completely illegitimate to U.S. presidency. Why, you ask. Why? And the reason is very simple. Because he had and has split allegiance. He has allegiance to other nations. He has citizenship of other nations. His father was never U.S. citizen, and Barack Obama since birth had British citizenship. When he turned two years old and Kenya at the time became an independent country, he got Kenyan citizenship, and later on he got Indonesian citizenship.

In order to be the President of the United States, you have to be a natural born citizen. We traced legal dictionaries and treaties to the time Constitution was written, and the one that was widely used by the framers of the Constitution is the Law of Nations that states natural born citizen is one who is born in the country to parents – mind you, two of them – who are citizens of the country. Since Obama's father was never a U.S. citizen, he has a problem. He did not fulfill this requirement, and therefore he cannot be the President of the United States, and I call upon on all of you to join me in this fight for our constitutional rights.

Make no mistake about it. We live in the times of the second American revolution. We are now leading a new civil rights movement. That's the civil rights movement when we are demanding real transparency, not empty words, but real transparency. We are demanding respect from judges and U.S. Attorneys Office and the President, and this respect we're demanding in the form of real documents, not some piece of garbage, photoshopped piece of garbage posted on the internet. That is not acceptable to us.

We have rights. We want them upheld. I have been persecuted for bringing this issue, with constant death threats, tampering with my car, vandalism, hacking of my website, my PayPal account. There's a group of forgers that forged my signature, provided perjured affidavits, and aside from bringing this case in Washington, D.C., I have filed a complaint with United Nations Committee for Human Rights. Please join me and help me in upholding our constitutional rights in getting to the bottom of this.

Thank you.

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  1. By all means, Orly, "go back to sanity from this complete insanity and this complete idiocy." Please! But I fear it is too late for you.

    Thank you for providing this transcript, as I have a hard time listeni... -- er -- hearing the audio version.