Monday, December 13, 2010

Chalice 11-14-10, 12:20-17:30

CHALICE: All right, so here we go. We've got about, what, 15 minutes here to do the rest of the show, and I don't really want to talk all that much about Meroni v. Illinois State Board of Elections, and I have filed in the courts. I will post about it probably on Wednesday this week. I'm so busy, quite honestly, with this new role that I've taken on that my deadline for – and they all relate to the ballot integrity initiative, and so there's timing on there that is so critical to what's going on right now that I've had to not put that as my, you know, get up in the morning first thing I'm going to do focus, and part of that means that I – we are in the appellate court. I got some kind of a letter on Friday with dates. We are on an expedited calendar. I believe the first event occurs just about Thanksgiving, November 26, but I do anticipate speeding that up. I have a motion that I want to file that I haven't written yet, and that's early this week's goal. Part of the problem in doing that is that it – my whole approach became complicated when I learned that the lawyers for the Illinois State Board of Election was working with at least one individual lawyer from a far leftist group that has been attacking me personally on this issue. So that's problematic, in particular, because these Board attorneys should be objective, and why he was feeding information about what was going on in our proceedings to the left would bring into question issues relating to objectivity. And I don't really – I've never researched all of that as far as where the rules are and what the ethical responsibility is, and I spent time doing that last week and did learn that I do have grounds to be concerned about those connections which I can make very directly.

So that kind of made me take a step back as well as some of the issues related to me getting involved in the ballot integrity program. Our case is so important, but no matter what, it would not have influenced and will not influence the result of those that were on my ballot for this election, and I can only be concerned technically about those people on my ballot. So that makes the filing of the case fall into a category of mootness, and so part of what my next approach to the court is going to be will involve, you know, addressing the issue of mootness as well as putting it into a context to why it's expedited or needs to be, and that reason, quite simply, is because we have other elections coming up immediately, and the same problem reoccurs again.

So lots happening, and it will be this month, and other than that, I don't write and blog a lot about what's going on there, because, I don't know, it's just – I don't have time for it, and if you've got specific questions, you can mail me. If you can help, I need help. Believe me, just because I'm not writing about it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it and doing work in the background. We do have some legal advice, and this week, very quickly, I'm reaching out to some additional, and also have a number of avenues that have opened up with relationship to funding. So a lot of different things swirling around there.

Okay, end of the – oh, I could probably post my docketing statement, and what is the other thing I wrote? I had to write a notice of appeal, but I wanted to have a lawyer look at those. I know that it's probably part of the public record already. Who knows? I haven't seen it out there. So let me have a lawyer look at those two items and see how many mistakes I made, because I'm not a lawyer, guys, and each step of the way I have to learn something all brand new. I mean, it's like I don't know anything about the appellate court.

So last weekend I spent a lot of time learning the rules of the appellate court and what the rules of lawyers are, and that was my study time. This weekend I had to study issues relating to integrity of ballot and putting together a final report on that, which I'm really excited about my report. I'm proud of it. So I don't know what's going to happen with it, but anyways.

So okay, that's enough on that topic.