Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Berg's views, outside the courtroom, May 2, 2011

Is the birth certificate Obama released real?

BERG: The document that was released raised a lot of questions, just on the face of it, and then people have talked about there was layers on it and everything else, and I think it's a phony, because my position is – I have on our website, which is, the statement in Swahili by his step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, who states that she was in the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, August 4, 1961, when Obama was born. That's pretty tough to overcome, and the recording was made by two ministers, one in Pennsylvania, one sitting next to her at her home over in Kenya.

What do you say to the people who believe that's fake?

BERG: I've understood that some people have butchered it and taken it and changed it around. The original one on our service was correct and was taken with complete honesty by these two ministers.

Why are you pursuing this issue?

BERG: I'm doing this for the American public. I'm doing this for the 308 million people in the country who deserve to know the truth. I'm doing this for our forefathers, and I'm doing this for the men and women who have served our country. 1.6 million have died defending our constitution, and another 1.6 million have been injured, and the millions of others who continue to serve our country, and I hope that – we deserve the truth.

In the past judges avoided this issue, do you think the judges will hear the case?

BERG: I'm still hoping. I hope it will happen, and I'm going to continue my efforts. I will not stop my efforts until Obama releases all of his records. He sealed all his records the first day or second day in office as President, and also until all his adoption records and immigration records coming back at age 10 to Hawaii are released, because I think it will show that he's never legally changed his name, that his name's Barry Soetoro, that he's not natural born, he's not naturalized, his status right now is an illegal alien, and therefore he should not be President, and his term as U.S. Senator from Illinois was fraud.

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